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The GES App project focuses on developing an application for mobile devices that develops Graduate Employability Skills (GES). These skills relate to generally accepted structural changes in labor markets, which, however, require an increase in adaptability and activities on the part of education systems, students and employees. Adaptability requires potential employees to develop and recognize a number of universal skills. Research indicates that such skills are crucial for graduates to increase their chances of successful employment. It is important for students to start thinking in the early stages of the university of the skills they have, how to demonstrate and use them to convince employers of their competences. The goal of this European collaborative project will be the development of an application for developing and collecting knowledge about the potential of students to make them attractive to the labor market. The basis for the application will be the development of the theoretical issues of employment skills, review of existing applications, conducting qualitative and quantitative research with the participation of students, researchers and employers.

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The aim of the project is to develop a mobile app to allow students to plan, record and evidence the acquisition and development of Global Employability Skills (GES) ….


The GES App fits well with current thinking about employability and careers, putting the student at the center of their development and career decisions….

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The project is coordinated by University of the West of Scotland (United Kingdom). The other partners are Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), University of the Peloponnese (Greece) and Uniwersytet Kardynala Stefana Wysznskiego w Warszawie, Warszawa, Poland.

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