The aim of the project is to develop a mobile app to allow students to plan, record, and evidence the acquisition and development of Global Employability Skills (GES) throughout their university journey. A downloadable app could provide an active, agentic approach to supporting students in thinking about GES and self-development by using motivational, interactive exercises, achievable goal-based tasks, and inducing in users a sense of fun and self-actualization patterns that will help to raise awareness of issues. As “digital natives” who have been brought up with digital technology and embrace universal smartphone use, students would find an app-based approach to GES development highly attractive.


The GES App fits well with current thinking about employability and careers, putting the student at the center of their development and career decisions. The app will principally allow students, via interactive exercises, to track and evidence GES they develop throughout their university career. Building up evidence from university modules, as well as recording skills they develop via co- and extra-curricular activities will compile an interactive record, supported by notes of the activities through which these were developed, and the outcomes which can be used to evidence them. A focus on students’ own interests, strengths, and weaknesses, will engage students and encourage them to think about their GES from their arrival at university. This awareness will increase students’ focus on such attributes, allow students to identify and fill gaps in their skill set, and provide a resource they can use when they leave university and enter the job market.


The key activities in the project are:

  • The development of the GES App
  • Organizing additional support materials, such as a pedagogical guide and videos.
  • A large-scale evaluation will be carried out on the final version to establish the value and effectiveness of the app in supporting students in both their awareness and development of GES.
  • Best practice case studies will be developed for further guidance about how best to use the app with distinct groups of students (e.g., diverse disciplines and locations).